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We are an exclusive, private Chinese Martial Arts Academy serving the Pasadena area since 1989. All programs offer an extensive Self-Defense and Chinese Martial Art curriculum.

Children's Programs

Kung Fu Self-Defense Children's Programs
Kung Fu Self-Defense Children's Programs

Children ages 4 years and older, are organized by age and skill level and are offered at convenient times throughout the week and on weekends. Our children training curriculum includes all the fun, exuberant drills that children love to do and initiates them into a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our philosophy promotes respect and discipline while learning a traditional art form with self-defense skills in a safe and fun environment. Your child will learn the following skills in our classroom such as respect, focus, coordination, discipline, concentration, and confidence, while learning self-defense skills in our safe, fun and positive environment. Many of our young students have achieved awards in competitions locally, nationally, and internationally. Many students have also been able to have the experience of performing for local events and televised productions.

Starting right from the "Basic Program", our curriculum guides children and adults step by step through the technical material and eases them into training and developing their martial art & physical skills. Our system of sashes (belts) and levels teaches them how to set goals and go about achieving them.

We have special training work-shops, seminars, and activities for all students that are intent on attaining a Black Belt. Like a college prep program, the academy's "Black Belt Program" provides these students with the full spectrum of training necessary to achieve a Black Belt. Our "Black Belt Program" has proven popular, as well as helpful for teens applying for competitive universities.

Whether starting in our training program for children ages 4-12 or our juniors classes, our young students learn far more than kicks and punches. Our training curriculum includes all the fun and exciting moves that kids love, and also gets them healthy and fit. Our School's teaching philosophy also helps them realize that it's their newfound discipline, focus, and courage that is important.