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We are an exclusive, private Chinese Martial Arts Academy serving the Pasadena area since 1989. All programs offer an extensive Self-Defense and Chinese Martial Art curriculum.

Basic Orientation

Kung Fu Self-Defense Children's Programs
Basic Orientation

From the beginning of our "Basic Orientation Program", curriculum guides students step by step through the technical material, easing them into the rigors of training, developing their skills, and helping them achieve their goals. The curriculum teaches our children and adult students the effective and practical self-defense of Kung-Fu. They will also learn the movements, intricacies, and applications of the many Kung-Fu techniques and forms.

The "Basic Orientation Program" is the course that most students begin with. Students learn the basic Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw style of Kung Fu which includes the following: self-defense, breathing, stretching, calisthenics, philosophical and historical material. This program's emphasis is on learning the basic foundation of our system which includes: stances, blocks, punches, kicks, stretching, breathing, focus, practical self-defense applications, and becoming more fit and healthy.

Many of our children and adult students have little or no martial arts background before training at Shan Tung Kung-Fu, but they quickly develop skills they initially thought would be difficult. We also have many teens, who have found in Kung-Fu a unique, athletic and interesting challenge. Our students tell us time and time again, that there is no other workout or sport that accomplishes so much in such an efficient way.