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About /What is Northern Eagle Claw Kung-Fu?

The Northern Eagle Claw Kung-Fu system is one of the most efficient Chinese Martial Arts fighting styles being taught today.

Efficent - Practical - Very Powerful

Shan Tung Kung Fu Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Our Chinese Martial Arts lineage comes directly from the Northern Shaolin Temple and was created during the Song dynasty (1127-1279 AD) by the systems founder, General Ngok Fei. General Ngok Fei created a very effective fighting system for the Chinese army that includes punching, blocking, clawing hand techniques, pressure point strikes, palm techniques, leg sweeps, kicking techniques, ground fighting, internal breathing, and the famous "108 Joint Locking Techniques" or chin-na techniques.

The Northern Eagle Claw Kung-Fu system is unsurpassed as a practical self-defense system because it is a complete fighting system which includes close-in fighting, kicks, clawing hand techniques, throws, leg sweeps and pressure point strikes.

The Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu system thrives as one of the most practical fighting styles of Kung Fu being taught today.

Who is this for?

Our martial arts academy offers classes for the entire family starting at 4 years of age in Self-Defense, Kung-Fu, Health, Fitness, Cardio and Tai Chi. Our Certified Professional Black Belt Instructors will give you and your family the personal attention to help you achieve all of your goals.

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Master Kenneth Edwards

Master Kenneth Edwards has over 30 years of training and was twice inducted into the "Martial Arts Hall of Fame”. He was featured on the cover of "Inside Kung-Fu Magazine", and is one of only 3 students to ever learn and complete the entire Northern Eagle Claw Kung-Fu system under the world renowned Grandmaster Shum Leung.

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